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Earn Bitcoin By Building Your Own Day Trading Platform

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have had a tough year so far. Coin prices have fallen sharply since January, and many investors are spooked. Did you know, though, that it is still possible to profit from the cryptocurrency market, even during significant downturns?

  • Building your own cryptocurrency trading platform has never been easier thanks to TradeSmarter
  • TradeSmarter provides web trader front-end technology capable of transforming any independent brokerage into a fully fledged cryptocurrency trading platform
  • As well as cryptocurrency markets, TradeSmarter can connect to traditional Forex markets, binary options, and global CFD markets

Day Trading Vs. Being Your Own Digital Currency Exchange

If you entered the cryptocurrency market early, it doesn’t make sense to keep on day trading. Smart investors know this. This is why entrepreneurs like the Winklevoss twins, make their digital assets work for them by setting up their own exchanges.

TradeSmarter – The Home of Successful Traders & Entrepreneurs

The benefits of being a cryptocurrency entrepreneur are simple.

By creating a fee-based independent cryptocurrency trading platform, entrepreneurs can earn Bitcoin, regardless of current market conditions.

  • Demand for reliable day trading platforms is increasing
  • Fee-Based digital currency exchanges generate rolling profits year-round
  • Creating a new cryptocurrency trading platform helps to broaden and diversify the existing cryptocurrency economy

Of course, it can be difficult to know where to start when considering building your own cryptocurrency trading platform, However, with white label software packages offered by TradeSmarter, setting up a new day trading platform couldn’t be easier.

What is TradeSmarter?

Tradesmarter has been providing white-label mobile trading platforms to Forex, binary options, EFT, and CFD markets since 2008.

With TradeSmarter, cryptocurrency trading utilities can be added to existing brokerage platforms in a matter of hours. Initial setup costs are, therefore, kept to a minimum. Much more importantly, TradeSmarter tools can be fully branded and customized to match the existing look and feel of brokerages.

The TradeSmarter Cryptocurrency Trading Platform & You

With TradeSmarter, setting up a Coinbase Pro or Binance-like cryptocurrency trading platform is altogether easy.

  • TradeSmarter provides an all-in-one day trading software suite which includes the TradeSmarter trading platform, mobile app support for Android and iOS, and all CRM systems
  • Unlike other white-label digital currency exchange tools, TradeSmarter only charges fees when brokers using TradeSmarter’s tools are generating profit
  • State-of-the-art technology allows brokerages to monitor trading volume, view profits and losses, and generate financial reports in real time

What You Need to Get Started with TradeSmarter

TradeSmarter provides low-cost, easy to deploy trading tools which can be fully branded by brokerages as their own. All that aspirant entrepreneurs need to remember, is that they will still need to shoulder regulatory and financial responsibility for setting up brokerages.

You provide liquidity (via direct investment or venture funding), and TradeSmarter will provide the tools you and your clients need to trade like real Pros. The only question is, do you have what it takes to become the world’s next best independent trading platform?

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