Gatehub Cryptocurrency Exchange

Gatehub Cryptocurrency Exchange

Gatehub Cryptocurrency Exchange is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The company started its journey in 2014 and its headquarters is based in the UK which gives it an edge over the other exchanges. The company also follows the unique approach where they use the Ripple (XRP) as a form of digital assets to allow their users to move money on the Ripple Network.

Ripple (XRP) is one of the strongest cryptocurrency in the world and maybe that is the reason why the company uses the Ripple (XRP). Gatehub also allows its users to trade in other popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The users can also trade digital currencies against other fiat currencies, which is also a big plus.

Security on Gatehub Platform

Gatehub takes the security of its users very seriously and they have implemented several security checks at different levels to protect the funds and information of its users. On the user’s side, the company offers Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) which allow you to have the extra layer of security for your account. The platform also take the privacy of its users very seriously, the company only need verification of identity for bank transactions, it is not necessary for crypto transactions.

Benefits of using Gatehub Cryptocurrency Exchange

Gatehub cryptocurrency exchange has many benefits but here are some of the many benefits of using Gatehub.

1. Gatehub Accept Cash Deposits

One of the biggest problems with many cryptocurrency exchanges is that they don’t accept cash deposits and Gatehub cryptocurrency exchange is one of the few exchanges who accept cash deposits. You can directly deposit cash into your account and convert it into Ripple and other supported cryptocurrencies. Gatehub supports the USD, EUR, CNY, and JPY currencies for now. You can use the payments methods like bank Transfers, SEPA Transfers to deposits cash into your account.

2. The Variety of Crypto Assets

Another big plus of Gatehub cryptocurrency exchange is its diversity. Although the platform supports the Ripple as its primary digital assets, the company also supports the other popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Augur (REP), Quantum (QUA), Stellar (XLM) and Xaucoin (XAU).

3. The Competitive Trading Fees

The fee structure on many cryptocurrency exchanges is very complex but that is not the case on Gatehub Cryptocurrency exchange. The platform offers fair trading fees. The standard fee of changing BTC to XRP is 0.2% while ETH to XRP is 0.3%. The fee structure is also similar for other digital assets except for QAU.

4. Unique Location of Gatehub

Gatehub is located in the UK which gives it an edge over the other crypto exchanges. The region has no specific requirements for operating exchanges in Europe at the moment but the Gatehub has plans to apple KYC and Anti-money laundering procedures for their operations. The company is currently offering their services in UK and Europe but it is expected that they will extend their services to further regions in the future.

5. Gatehub Wallet Service

Gatehub is one of the few platforms which also provide online wallet service to its users. Gatehub offers wallet service for XRP owners which allow them to store and transfer funds seamlessly. Overall the wallet service is very easy to use, but the wallet requires that the users must have a minimum reserve of 20 XRP that cannot be withdrawn.

Gatehub Cryptocurrency exchange is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Find out more info on gatehub exchange here.

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